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HistoryBits, Exploring True History, is a unique art feature that presents true historical facts in a compact, easy to read and creatively pleasing format. The goal of HistoryBits is to educate the reader in a simple, entertaining and pleasing manner.

It is a proven fact that the vast majority of people have little, if any knowledge of history or of the major impact history has on our everyday life. Indeed, a survey commissioned by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, noted that ninety nine percent (99%) of college students surveyed knew many television cartoon characters but only twenty three percent (23%) knew of James Madison, the Father of the American Constitution.

In the New York Times, June 14, 2011 report; only 20 percent of fourth graders, 17 percent of eighth graders and 12 percent of high school seniors demonstrated proficiency of basic knowledge of U.S. history according to results from a national test, the National Assessment of Educational Progress. “History is very much being shortchanged,” said Linda K. Salvucci, a history professor in San Antonio who is chairwoman-elect of the National Council for History Education.

Internationally, students and the population in general tend to understand history better than Americans but overall it seems that the knowledge of history is lacking for most people around the world.

To exacerbate matters, what history is offered by schools, publications, institutions, television and movies across the globe is often poorly and incorrectly presented and/or deliberately misconstrued. It is no wonder that most people either understand incorrect or poorly defined history or they consciously ignore history altogether.

And yet, history and its ramifications surround all of us and affect every one of us in our daily lives. For example, many of the world’s citizens speak English and the English language is the de facto language of world commerce, industry and diplomacy. Why is this? Why do Chinese, Indians, and Russians learn a foreign language called English? History has obviously dramatically affected those people who must learn a language not native to their own.

Why do many people around the world follow a calendar that consists of seven day weeks? Where did we get the strange names for each day such as Tuesday and Friday? Again, history contains the answers to how we structure our very basic laws of civilization.

History affects every one of us whether we realize it or not. History explains why we awake at a certain hour to a clock or timepiece. Why most of us have coffee in the morning. How we get to work and why we do the various jobs that we do. History tells us how to greet our friends and why we honor our God by going to a synagogue or by performing the Hajj and why we celebrate holidays such as Christmas, the Fourth of July and Bastille Day.

For those who lack an understanding of history, there is hope. HistoryBits offers true historical facts in a compact, easy to read and entertaining format. HistoryBits offers only true history, not opinionated or manipulated history for the reader’s review. HistoryBits will entertain you and allow you to quickly and easily learn interesting facts of history that have shaped and continue to shape our daily lives.

About ThorFire Enterprises

ThorFire Enterprises is a creative organization that produces the exciting, unique HistoryBits art feature. More creative feature offerings are currently being developed to add to the ThorFire Enterprises product suite.


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